Marine Thermal Imaging
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Gyro Stabilised Marine Thermal Imaging Systems


Seenite marine thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed for use in the marine environment. All of the cameras are housed in either titanium, 316 stainless steel or carbon fibre enclosures. Fully sealed and immersion tested to IP69 standards. Result: Seenite, a multispectral surveillance system for the most gruelling of marine environments.

Standard features:

  • Enhanced image quality: Only the highest resolution full frame thermal imagers used
  • Long range identification: High zoom, high definition day/night cameras
  • Pin point targets/ casualties in the water: Integral laser pointers
  • NMEA Radar Interface for target tracking and EBL slaving
  • Internal components protected from condensation: IP69, dry nitrogen purged & desiccant charged
  • Smoothest control and 'backlash': Direct drive motors not gearbox operated
  • Stable images in all conditions: 3 axis operation




Typical applications:

  • 24hr Surveillance
  • Man overboard search & rescue
  • Target tracking
  • Collision avoidance aid
  • Night time pilotage of inshore/ congested waters

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Marine Thermal Imaging
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